About “Bisconia”

Bisconia is founded by a group of International Relations (IR)-obsessed academics from University of Sussex, and is dedicated to sharing useful summaries of academic articles/journals in bid to facilitate your study, and to sharing some of our understanding of current issues regarding international politics to extend the mainstream context by bringing alternative angles, for your consideration – in video form because who has time to read?!

We try to upload our professionally made videos onto our YouTube channel (Bisconia) as regularly/frequently as we can so subscribe now to avoid disappointment!

“Bisconia” was originally coined by Doctoral Fellow at Buckingham University Candyce Kelshall when she was giving a lecture on “Race, Nation and Ethnicity” in 2014 to exemplify how an ethnic nation is formed – as oppose to a civic nation. The classroom was then turned into an ethic nation with the name of “Bisconia” where members actively practise the culture by consuming biscuits like it’s getting out of fashion during the lecture… The official language of Bisconia is recognised as Kuak Kuak Kuak.

Bisconia Structure and Sitemap

Bisconia reaches out to a variety of media coverage from TV to Magazine in different formats from video clips to journal articles and all of Bisconia’s products are peer-reviewed.

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