Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Bisconia.

There are two major sectors in Bisconia that receives textual works, Bisconia Magazine and CAPIR – Centre for Alternative Perspectives in International Relations. If you have a proposal for video content or you would like to participate in our video productions, please contact Guan Huang at directly.

All languages welcome but with our current capacity, we can only review, edit and publish literatures in Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish for the time being. If you are submitting the work in a language other than English, an English translation should be available too.

We can only accept submissions in the format of Microsoft Word Document or PDF. Your submission is safe with us and please do not protect your work with password or make it unprintable. All submissions should be sent to

All submitted works will be peer-reviewed by the academic panel of Bisconia.

Please be aware that we are unable to remunerate authors at the moment.

Bisconia Magazine

Under Bisconia Magazine, you are more than welcome to write for different columns according to their unique content/style.

Lite Bite – short blog-style commentaries on current affairs. Reference is preferred but not essential. If reference is used, please make sure it is in Harvard style. 500 to 1,000 words would be ideal.

For other columns, please contact Guan Huang at for detailed information.

Please include a short bio (less than 50 words, and an optional photo) of yourself to be acknowledged in the final post.

Display Author Names

General submission will come under the name “Bisconia” and your name will appear in the title with a bio in the main body of the text. Regular contributors will be given a Bisconia site author status and all of your works on Bisconia will be grouped to a specific “author”, which will be your name.

You may specify if you want to be included in the Bamboo Shoots Scheme and your articles will come under the author name “The Bamboo Shoots Scheme”.


On the other hand, the Bisconia think tank CAPIR (Centre for Alternative Perspectives in International Relations) produces work which engage unorthodox perspectives in examining contemporary issues and functions as a publishing house and deals with publications in a more business-orientated fashion, therefore the editorial board expect academic seriousness in accordance with what Bisconia sees as appropriate.


Academic papers on contemporary issues written for the social science subject of IR. Full reference in Harvard style is expected. 7,000 maximum.

JAPIR – Journal of Alternative Perspectives in International Relations

To be revealed.


To be revealed.