About Bisconia Magazine


About Bisconia Magazine

Strong teeth and good digestion too – to thee I wish! … – Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Bisconia Magazine
    • Full Fat
      Academic essays and papers.
    • Lite Bite
      Blog-style comments and opinions on world issues.
    • Spaghetti Untangler
      IR jargon and state polities explained.
    • Meal Deal
      Quick daily news collage and commentary on world events.
    • Thus Spoke Biscothustra
      Thus Spoke Biscothustra: A Biscuit for All and None, join us having a biscuit with our witty philosopher Biscothustra.
    • The Bamboo Shoots Scheme
      The Bamboo Shoots Scheme features young IR students’ work with distinct alternative thinking, in a bid to support their future aspiration in academia.

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About Author

Bisconia is an academic media organisation dedicated to amplifying unheard arguments covered up in mainstream mind-set and to delivering alternative perspectives for your consideration.

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