Introducing “Thus Spoke Biscothustra: A Biscuit for All and None”


Biscothustra is an intelligent and intellectual existence. His/her gender expression is unknown as this person seems to appear only on-line with a display picture like so:

which this person says it represents this person’s omnipresence and nihility at the same time. We will then refer to this person as “they” because this person could well be some collective wisdom, or even, a higher power not necessarily restricted to human presence? We simply have no idea but they from time to time give us goosebumps because of the succinct and succulent sapience in their oracle-like conversations with people.

Get ready for a smooth ride with us and travel through all the imaginary boxes in the darkness where there is a bright beam of light shining across.

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About Author

Guan Huang is the Co-Founder of Bisconia and is right now studying International Relations at the University of Sussex in the UK. He is from China and his interest lies mainly in ethnicity and China-related issues.

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