[Aminatu Aliyu and Angela Lo] Russia vs Turkey: Realism in a New Light and Chaos in the International System


An unknown cold war or not?

Russia versus the West? So much is happening in the international system and all has to do with the accumulation of power. Such incidence has not happened in International Relations since the end of Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis. Realism is the right theory to input in this situation.

ISIS, which operates with Syria as its headquarters is causing much feud as it is now like the playground for the competition of power. All started with the United States using airstrikes with this sect and this triggered Russia to do the same and also send ground troops and the clash of the two superpowers is making other states in the West and Middle East choose sides. Would Asian countries, Latin America and Africa countries also be forced to choose a side?

Just the incident of 24th November 2015 is explaining such. Russia is allegedly claiming that Turkey shot down its plane in Syrian airspace, which has made President Vladimir Putin say this action is like a “stab in the back”. This action is actually making states divert from the real problem (ISIS), which has to be solved because as reported by Al-Jazeera the US is blaming Russia, Turkey is allying with NATO and EU and also reported by a Russian analyst that Jordan is in support of Russia.

So far, terrorism still has not reached Russian soil and impact as heavily and drastically as it did to Western countries and Syria. Would it evolve into three sides against a common enemy, or would the relationship between the three parts in the world grow strained?

Is the United States even the most competent to deal with the ‘ISIS’ problem? ISIS was created at the backbone of al-Qaeda, and to say its history with the US was tense would be an understatement. The US already needs to solve the problem for foreign refugees, and with the upcoming presidential elections, the fate of the United States of America really lies heavily on future politics.

Which nation or country that ultimately controls the combat over ISIS would also have the ability to alter the international system, as ISIS is currently doing. With NATO about to step into the conflicts, would the UN be next? Who would have that responsibility to do good by humanity?

Too many unanswered questions. It is safe to say history is repeating itself with a bipolar world.

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Aminatu Aliyu is from Nigeria and is now studying International Relations and International Development at University of Sussex. Her works mainly focus on counter-terror and writes intensively on African issues.

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