24, 20151118 Rising Tensions in the Grey Zone (Editor: Angela Lo, 3 MB)


24, 20151118 Rising Tensions in the Grey Zone (Editor: Angela Lo, 3 MB)

The Grey Zone is for ISIS the areas in the world where Muslims and non-Muslims coexist. These are the areas they are seeking to divide.
In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, political leaders and members from the civil society in the Grey Zone have demonstrated their reprobation of refugees and the Muslim community. They are doing what they think their countries should be doing: driving out ‘Muslims’ hence the violence. Groups of non-Muslims have initiated protests and attacks targeting Muslims, despite of them not relating to ISIS (#NotInMyName). It’s no longer simply physical attacks (e.g. Muslim cultural centre lit on fire in Glasgow right before refugees are coming into the borders), but psychological as well (e.g. discrimination, racism, intolerance.). And it is a knee-jerk reaction: “you look like a Muslim, so you must be part of them. I can’t be so sure, but I will hit you first.”

Refugees are either being driven out of borders or refused to enter without throughout background checks or insurance of innocence. The more strikes countries apply to ISIS territories, the more refugees will flee and the humanitarian crisis that is still not being solved would deteriorate.


Featured Image: RT (https://www.rt.com/uk/322445-muslim-centre-firebomb-target/)


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