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When your mind feels a bit peckish…

  • Bisconia TV
    • Biscuit Tin
      Pick a biscuit of your choice from our biscuit tin in case you need sustenance for your next research assignment – don’t forget to click on the video that guides you through the resources.
    • Hobnobbing
      We go the extra mile to bring established IR scholars, professors and academically enlightened in to drop some crumbs for us, and you.
    • IR Digestives
      A crash course in which we become didactic and patronising…
    • Weekly Dunking
      We share our various perspectives on understanding what is going on at the moment in the world concerning international politics and often times, offer some alternative interpretations which might be at odds with mainstream propaganda – oops.

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About Author

Bisconia is an academic media organisation dedicated to amplifying unheard arguments covered up in mainstream mind-set and to delivering alternative perspectives for your consideration.

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