20150221 – Anarchy is what States Make of it – Wendt


Alexander Wendt’s seminal article “Anarchy is what States Make of it: The Social Construction of Power Politics” is one of the most important piece for IR students – but it’s long – watch Victoria Dittmar break it down in just a few minutes for you to grab a brief idea of what the article is about!

This should be especially helpful if you are doing an IR essay on anarchy or constructivism.

[Guan Huang] 5 Things about Anarchy http://magazine.bisconia.com/guan-huang-5-things-about-anarchy/
[Kaiho Uwafune] Anarchy is What States of It?! Yes. http://magazine.bisconia.com/kaiho-uwafune-anarchy-is-what-states-of-it-yes/
[Victoria Dittmar] Bringing Structural Realism Back: A Critique to Wendt’s (1992) ‘Anarchy is What State Make of It’ http://magazine.bisconia.com/victoria-dittmar-bringing-structural-realism-back-a-critique-to-wendts-1992-anarchy-is-what-state-make-of-it/

Another video we made on the concept of “anarchy”: http://youtu.be/xB9pBkdXPeU
A small debate over whether anarchy is really what states make of it: http://youtu.be/4gCAoZqJPcI


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