20150312 – Balance of Power


It is not an exaggeration to say that the International Politics is still dominated by the realist assertion “Balance of Power”. Listen to the Bisconians crack down the concept from different theoretical perspectives and also the questions raised.

[Victoria Dittmar] 5 Things about Balance of Power http://magazine.bisconia.com/victoria-dittmar-5-things-about-balance-of-power/

1, What kind of power to be balanced? Economic? Military? Soft power?
2, ow do we know who’s gaining more power in the system?
3, How do we know power is balanced and sit back?
4,Can power even be measured?
5, States balance the hegemonic power intentionally? Unintentionally? Voluntarily? Involuntarily?
6, How would the existing hegemonic power defend its hegemonic status?
7, Where does this balancing and counter-balancing mechanism lead us? Security dilemma?
8, Immediately? Lagging?
9, “External balancing”: how to form allies? Strong allies? Loose allies?
10, Strongly confrontational balance? Sneakily balance?
11, Who decide? State governments?
12, Power politics or Great Power politics?


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