20150221 – Anarchy is what states make of it?!


Arguably the most influential catch phrase in IR studies, the quote from Wendt’s seminal article “Anarchy is what States Make of it: The Social Construction of Power Politics” has almost become the mantra for Constructivism, and has also been hotly debated ever since it’s début in 1992. Hear what these two smart people say why they think anarchy is not and is what states make of it!

This should be especially helpful if you are doing an IR essay on anarchy or constructivism.

[Guan Huang] 5 Things about Anarchy http://magazine.bisconia.com/guan-huang-5-things-about-anarchy/
[Kaiho Uwafune] Anarchy is What States of It?! Yes. http://magazine.bisconia.com/kaiho-uwafune-anarchy-is-what-states-of-it-yes/
[Victoria Dittmar] Bringing Structural Realism Back: A Critique to Wendt’s (1992) ‘Anarchy is What State Make of It’ http://magazine.bisconia.com/victoria-dittmar-bringing-structural-realism-back-a-critique-to-wendts-1992-anarchy-is-what-state-make-of-it/

Another video we made on the concept of “anarchy”: http://youtu.be/xB9pBkdXPeU


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