20150307 – Understanding Ukraine Crisis


[Kaiho Uwafune] What about the Russian argument? http://magazine.bisconia.com/kaiho-uwafune-what-about-the-russian-argument/
[Kanae Inage] Ukraine Crisis, More to Come? http://magazine.bisconia.com/kanae-inage-ukraine-crisis-more-to-come/
[Guan Huang] It’s Time to Fix the Broken Key, Ukraine http://magazine.bisconia.com/guan-huang-its-time-to-fix-the-broken-key-ukraine/

Ukraine is undergoing yet another major transformation in its history. However, history is being rewritten right now. Can Ukraine seize this chance to flourish? Listen to Kaiho explaining the cause of the problem, Kanae analysing why the future looks more challenging than you might think, and Guan, who sees opportunity rather than crisis per se.

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