[Weekly Dunking] 20151202 Questions on Bombing Syria


Bisconians debate on questions regarding bombing Syria.

Some of the new faces featured in this series are under our “Bamboo Shoots Scheme” which endeavours to help young IR students make their appearance in academia.

1, Bombing Syria (Part 1) Is it a Good Idea and Should the UK Do It?

2, Bombing Syria (Part 2) Is it Military or Political?

3, Bombing Syria (Part 3) Should We Protect the Grey Area?

4, Bombing Syria (Part 4) Why Focus on ISIS?

5, Bombing Syria (Part 5) Is the World at War?

Candyce Kelshall

Kristina Kazak

Kristina Kazak and Guan Huang

Aminatu Aliyu
Angela Lo
Bella Lau
Candyce Kelshall
Dimitra Tobitha
Kanyinsola Atentumbi
Surina Bhatt

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Featured post image: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/bomb-syria-and-we-have-to-choose-between-evils-of-isis-and-assad-cameron-warned-10361035.html


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