[Weekly Dunking] 20160215 Importance of Diplomatic Manoeuvre


Bisconia is thrilled to have the opportunity to make this series of videos with the students from the University of Buckingham on the topics around the importance of diplomatic manoeuvre.

Part 1 – Russia

Part 2 – North Korea

Part 3 – League of Nations and Italy

Part 4 – Zimbabwe

Candyce Kelshall

Director and Editor
Guan Huang
Kristina Kazak

Guan Huang
Kaiho Uwafune
Victoria Dittmar

Bayan Al-Asad
Hadejia Hussaina
Matthew Cella
Oba Tovie
Stephanie Anthony
Sanwo Tobii
Chinenye Atueyi
Kamane Wauga

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Featured image: Sanctions http://www.iranreview.org/content/Iran_Spectrum/Quality-of-Economic-Sanctions-against-the-Islamic-Republic-of-Iran-A-Review.htm


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