Postgraduates of University of Buckingham to be Included in Bisconia Think Tank


Bisconia is honoured to announce the expansion of its online presence and a collaboration with students of the Buckingham University Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (BUCSIS). Based on such a collaboration, postgraduate students from the BUCSIS program in Diplomacy and Security studies will be included in the Bisconia think tank.

Bisconia will act as a media forum hosting academic papers produced by students from both the University of Sussex and the University of Buckingham thanks to Candyce Kelshall, academic consultant with Bisconia, doctoral fellow and researcher at BUCSIS and tutor for International Relations at the International Study Centre at the University of Sussex.

Bisconia will be using this opportunity to rebrand its think tank and formally launch its Centre for Alternative Perspectives in International Relations (CAPIR). The Centre will produce alternative views on IR-related issues. It will publish a peer-reviewed, annual edited offering (Journal of Alternative Perspectives in International Relations – JAPIR), as a platform for academic research in the field. The first of these collaborations include outstanding pieces of research by Matthew Cella and Victoria Dittmar with their work on New Cold Wars and Counterinsurgency.

The Centre will conduct closely to Bisconia’s ethos and feature outstanding academic research which questions established views on relations between states and non state actors. The Centre is non-partisan and is not affiliated with any political entities. It publishes work which engage unorthodox perspectives in examining contemporary issues. It especially encourages work from newer IR theoretical perspectives.


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